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Using Information To Empower Future Generations – Part 4 (Rufaro’s Story)

After Rufaro’s conversation with Tari, he is awarded the Joshua Nkomo scholarship and becomes a Higherlife foundation Joshualite. On completing his O-levels he applies to attend the Yale Young African Scholar’s programme and to his excitement, he gets accepted. Rufaro writes to his mother while away attending the YYAS program: Dear Mama, How are you? ...

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Five Smart City Innovations For Africa

by in Blog. Posted April 13, 2018

One of the keywords in Africa today is leapfrogging – that phenomenon that allows those to were behind to step ahead of those who were previously at the fore. Mobile phone networks are a classic example: most African countries have, by and large, skipped the wired era and embraced wireless. As a result, mobile phones ...

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How Africa is Preparing for the Future with STEM Education

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Development experts throughout the globe have grasped onto the acronym as shorthand for the education, training and workforce development policies that will yield the greatest dividends for any country, developed or emerging. For example, the United States spends approximately $500 billion on research and development per year, about 70% of ...
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Yale University and Higherlife Foundation Extend Partnership to Mentor African High School Student Leaders

Yale University and the Higherlife Foundation are pleased to announce a commitment to extend the Yale Young African Scholars program (YYAS) for another five years, made possible through the continuing generosity of Zimbabwean-born philanthropists Strive and Tsitsi Masiyiwa. Building on the success of Yale’s initial three-year partnership with the Higherlife Foundation, this next phase will ...
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