Basic Education


Our Basic Education programme is delivered through the Capernaum Scholarship, a scholarship targeted at orphaned and vulnerable children between the ages of 5 and 18 years. The scholarship includes fees and tuition from early childhood to high school and has been running for the past 19 years.

Our biggest programmes are currently running in Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Burundi. In Zimbabwe the scholarship supports eligible children in Grade 1 to Form 4. In Lesotho it offers scholarships to eligible children in Form A to Form D, while in Burundi the scholarship covers eligible children from Grade 1 to Grade 10.

Along with the academic education, the Basic Education programme incorporates mentorship, life skills training and specialized psychosocial support led by the Foundation’s Guardianship and Pastoral Care unit, in collaboration with expert partners.

Access to Quality Education

The scholarships program covers tuition, management levies, examination fees and other support materials. Currently, there are 19 000 children under Basic Education and, working with over 1 977 primary and secondary schools. In liaision with community leaders, district education officers and school authorities the children in need of educational assistance are identified.

Wellness and Support

Capernaum Scholars in dire need of food are supplied with a food hamper comprising of mealie-meal, sugar, beans, matemba, salt, cooking oil and sanitary ware for the Girl child every 3 months. In addition, scholars with chronic ailments and those who fall sick/ill receive supplies of medication and visit Hospitals/Clinics. Currently, 2053 food hampers are distributed each quarter and with an average of 6 members per household, our indirect reach is 12 318 family members.

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