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Africa's Big Philanthropy: Home-Grown

Africa’s Big Philanthropy: Home-Grown

The last two decades in Africa have seen a rise in Home-grown philanthropy particularly aimed at addressing specific issues and creating impact at a more structural level. ‘The growth of Home-grown philanthropy in Africa has its roots in a number of phenomena, one of them being the 2008 financial crisis which resulted in long-standing foreign…

Project Hope- an Album of hope and healing

Higherlife Foundation partners with B’tzal’el Impact Investment Fund to launch Project Hope- an Album of hope and healing

Harare, 2018– Higherlife Foundation and its partner B’tzal’el Impact Investment Fund have released a music album entitled ‘Project Hope’ that shares a message of hope, peace and reconciliation. The album which was inspired by the beauty of Zimbabwe- its people, landscape and ingenuity- as well as the 1998 Guatemala Prophecy by Cindy Jacobs which spoke…