Higherlife Foundation Community Service Engagement in Lesotho

Access to education is one big threat to African children fulfilling their God given purpose. Distance being one of the main contributors as a hindrance to access education, let alone receive life skills training and exposure for children to chose their career path well informed.

Lipohong High School, situated 3 hours from the community of Mazenod on the outskirts of Berea district in the kingdom of Lesotho, is one of the schools children have to travel on foot to get access to education. It takes one to raise one; this is one of the key values that Global Leaders on the HLF Scholarship learn at young ages. The Global Leaders, called Young and Dynamic, under the Capernaum Scholarship took time to reach out to the pupils at Lipohong High School in Lesotho, with the aim to serve other youths with a heart of servitude, at the same time responding to social and educational needs of fellow students. Such community service by Global leaders is the 2nd to be done this year.

Giving information such as examination tips help students identify potential pit falls during exams, identify areas of improvements and better preparation for the examination itself. In turn this has an propping up effect on the pass rate. On the other hand career guidance also helps improve educational achievement as students apply themselves in order to gain the required entry points into university. Also this has a positive effect on the graduation and retention rate as students further apply themselves to get them to land on the career of their choice. There are other social and economic benefits that come with these ‘seemingly’ unimportant interventions and outreach by our young people.

If such a culture of giving back in such ways and instilling the discipline of community service into students, the country will, in the long run, experience Higher levels of worker satisfaction and career retention, shorter path to primary labor market for young workers, lower incidence of work-related stress and depression, reduced likelihood of work-related violence, simply because young people are taking it upon themselves to raise those that are coming after them.

Global leaders, including some living with disability, managed to reach out and impact 300 students at Lipohong High School about to write exams in a few weeks and gave them examination tips and career guidance. This was an important community program for the Global Leaders as part of raising other students. The principle of the school expressed her gratitude for the Higherlife Foundation reaching out to the school in this way. Due to the distance of the school from the main town-Maseru, she highlighted that no one had ever done such an engagement this day marked the beginning of a new experience. Next visits to the school next year would see the students motivated and expected to increase student motivation.


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