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As part of empowering the youth of Zimbabwe as catalysts for positive change in the nation, Higherlife Foundation recently launched the High Flyers Program – an exclusive program designed to identify, connect and nurture the next cohort of Zimbabwe’s young leaders.

The program is the newest to come out of Higherlife Foundation’s expanding portfolio whose mission is to invest in Africa’s people – our human capital – to drive Africa’s prosperity. It will see current Higherlife Foundation scholars and its stellar alumni network join up with talented youth in Zimbabwe who are engaged in critical interventions and activities to move their communities towards the national vision.

Speaking at the highly anticipated launch, Higherlife Foundation CEO Dr Kennedy Mubaiwa spoke on the need for responsive leadership to be intentionally cultivated in the nation through programs that engage the youth  and develop them to transform their communities and nations.

“ This program is part of a bigger vision – Vision 2050 – that envisions Zimbabwe becoming a thriving 250 Billion economy by the year 2050. We seek to intentionally address the issue of leadership by investing in the forces that bring about sustainable change – our young people. So from today all of you need to have antennae and look out for these young people who will make sure Zimbabwe thrives,” stated Dr Kennedy in his opening remarks.

The term high flyer refers to an individual who exhibits academic excellence, or outstanding sporting, art, and leadership aptitude – all while demonstrating a commitment to contribute towards our nation’s socio-economic development. Through the program, selected young people will receive either university preparation or career and leadership development that will enable them to succeed in their various endeavors.

“This is going to be an exclusive and vibrant community of young leaders. For one to be able to join this community they need to be verified, and show outstanding exceptional leadership,” expressed Program Head Rebecca Chibwana.

To mark the beginning of this standard of excellence, exceptional Higherlife Foundation staff who are also part of the Foundation’s alumni were inducted into the program and many expressed their enthusiasm and willingness to make an impact in their communities with the support of the program.

The launch was just the beginning of an amazing and exciting journey for the Foundation’s growing network of scholars and alumni whose talents will take our nation to new heights. Stay tuned as we share more from the program and its talented members.









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