Innovate Elevate Youth Conference is investing in the 21st Century Young Africans

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We are living in the youth decade- an era where young people are revolutionizing life as we know it with their unconventional business ideas. This is the time of young billionaires such as 25-year-old Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg! So it comes as no surprise that the 21st Century young person is driven, dynamic, ambitious, highly informed and always on the move to better their careers.

Innovation has become the new oil that is fuelling the young dynamic young person of the 21st Century. This combined with the passion and technology’s endless possibilities has not only defined how they live and work but also created a new set of beliefs and aspirations that are key in changing their communities.

With a growing youth bulge, Africa is set to be the continent at the helm of greatness through its young population. African youths thus have to be provided with the resources and platforms to move the continent to greatness. With the high unemployment rate on the continent, young Africans have to create opportunities for themselves by embracing the spirit of entrepreneurship. The normal 9 to 5 type of career is now not status quo. Ideas, passion and drive are now the key differentiators and skills that the young African person has to have to change their situation and move their careers forward.

With the first of its kind Innovate Elevate Youth Conference (IEYC), Higherlife Foundation seeks to inspire young Africans and give them an opportunity to elevate their careers by learning from some of Africa’s leading entrepreneurs and game changers. The Innovate Elevate Youth Conference which will be held from the 20th-22nd of July 2017 at Celebration Centre in Harare will leverage ideas and the dynamic essence of the youth to establish a better 21st Century young African as well as a thriving African continent.

Through the four pillars of elevate, connect, collaborate and establish; the Innovate Elevate Youth conference addresses the fact that young people look for opportunities for their personal development that will elevate the way they live; love connecting with like-minded people who can add value to their lives; enjoy collaborating and establishing shared meaning and value.

The conference whose mantra is ‘Young minds, Bright ideas’ is invested in instilling the passion and entrepreneurship spirit in the young Africans by allowing them to share their big ideas for making Africa better with each other and inspiring them to further their business ideas for their own personal development.

By having amazing TED like style talks from well-known game changers across Africa, the conference will provide the young African with 21st century leadership skills, insight as well as entrepreneurship and life skills. The conference will also give the young attendees an opportunity to meet and interact with industry experts and influencers face to face and get tips and tactics on how to grow their businesses or further their innovative ideas.

Through engaging and relevant inspirational discussion panels, the Innovate Elevate Youth Conference is surely one conference that aims to give young Africans a sense of purpose in a time where their morale for better lives is low due to high unemployment and uncertainty. It also aims to ignite the fire in our young dynamic 21st Century Africans to move their careers forward and from that their communities forward by giving them the platform to be heard and to invest in themselves through learning opportunities from renowned thought leaders and influencers. To be a part of this life changing conference please visit and register:


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