Pastoral Care


Our Guardianship and Pastoral Care programme addresses the social issues that affect our beneficiaries’ ability to learn and excel, and to lead normal lives. It focuses on empowering the children we serve with psychosocial support and essential life skills needed to overcome the stigma and emotional and psychological challenges of growing up as an orphaned child.

Our Guardianship and Pastoral Care programme also works in collaboration with expert partners, governments and policy makers to ensure the protection of the fundamental rights of our children in general, and the rights of the girl child in particular. Our focus areas are:


Offering a parental role to vulnerable children so that their basic needs are met until they complete tertiary education.

Counseling and Therapy

Adopting a casework model to provide regular counseling and coaching sessions to ensure that beneficiaries have a robust safety and support net.

Ancillary support

Facilitating food and medical aid support for identified children.

Empowerment and training

Provision of skills and knowledge to staff, guardians, volunteers and teachers on best ways to provide pastoral support and leadership development to all children.

Regular monitoring and tracking of children

to ensure timely and responsive interventions for all children on the program to propose and recommend improved services.