Higherlife Foundation is offering a life changing opportunity to 10 passionate young photographers/ videographers to bring their passion for photography and videography to life!

We recognize that storytelling is a crucial component for any organization to grow in this dynamic world. Photography and videography are forms of transformative art that bring stories to life and unveil life’s beautiful truths.

Through this Project, 10 young photographers will embark on a journey that explores the art of storytelling for Higherlife Foundation in new innovative ways.

Successful candidates will go through a rigorous 4 day training programme that will be facilitated by Adebayo Okeowo; a renowned visual campaigner and storyteller. They will become official Higherlife Foundation field photographers/videographers and will be responsible for capturing the foundation’s work in the field and this content will be used to develop marketing material for the foundation.

How To Apply

To be considered for this opportunity applicants should:

  1. Work for Higherlife Foundation (volunteers & brand ambassadors are included).
  2. Submit a link to 2 videos they have made/recorded and edited.
  3. Submit 5 of the best images they have taken and edited.
  4. Share a link to their Facebook, Flickr or Instagram page with their pictures and or videos.
  5. Submit CV and application letter showing that they possess the right attitude, integrity and a sense of openness to new ideas and experiences; commitment and willingness to learn.
  6. The application with subject “Photography Capacity Building Application”, should be addressed to careers@higherlifefoundation.org.

Meet Adebayo

Adebayo Okeowo is a lawyer with a specialty in using technology and digital media to promote human rights, Adebayo is a self-taught photographer and film maker whose visual work has received worldwide recognition, including two human rights photography awards in Europe and in Africa.

A firm believer in the power of using visuals (photos and videos) to tell stories, Adebayo trains individuals and groups on the art of mobile photography and cinematography.

Through effective and engaging training modules Adebayo will propel trainees from being an absolute beginner, or hobby videographer/photographer, to becoming an advanced photographer/videographer in no time at all. Don’t miss this opportunity of a life time, apply today.

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