Ruzivo Smart Learning reinventing teaching in Zimbabwe – A teachers perspective

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With the evolution of Ruzivo Smart learning a one of a kind e-learning platform for primary and secondary students in Zimbabwe, Higherlife Foundation is helping change the narrative of how children in Zimbabwe learn. Ruzivo has led to the evolution of experiential learning with learners and teachers sharing experiences and content through the platform while creating whole new learning experiences. By combining traditional teacher intuition with e-learning technology, Ruzivo’s blended approach to learning is empowering teachers in Zimbabwe to re-invent their way of teaching.

In a recent visit to Matabeleland, Higherlife Foundation engaged many teachers who have embraced the platform and incorporated it into their everyday teaching. Many teachers expressed how Ruzivo is informing, inspiring and enforcing a new learning revolution in Zimbabwe. Mr Canann Kawina a grade 7 teacher of Mupambe Primary Schools in Binga, Zimbabwe, reiterated on how Ruzivo is moving education in Zimbabwe forward. “Ruzivo is a pointer that we are heading somewhere and we are opening up to an area where our children are going to be what they want to become,” expressed Mr Kawina.

Through Ruzivo the role of the teacher is evolving from being an instructure to becoming a guide or curator. Mr Lawrence Museka a grade 5 teacher of Binga Primary School in Binga, Zimbabwe, expressed how Ruzivo is allowing teacher’s ICT skills to evolve making teaching much simpler, engaging and interactive when he said; “Ruzivo is a stepping stone for us to utilize educational technology.”

Many teachers also voiced how the online platform is leading to an active collaboration between teachers and parents. “Ruzivo allows us and the parents to participate in the learning process as we both can monitor the child’s progress,” expressed Mr. Ignatious Nyirenda of St Christopher’s Primary School in Gwanda, Zimbabwe. By being accessible on smart devices parents can now help children to do revision at home thereby reinforcing the classroom content taught by the teachers. This has led to the amplified relationship of two key players in the learning process adding value to the education of Zimbabwe’s young generation.

With Ruzivo teachers are allowed to prepare for their lessons using teachers notes on the platform and because Ruzivo marks the exercises, the teacher’s load is lessened. “Ruzivo is reducing my load as a teacher allowing me more time to assist my students”, expressed Mr. Munoda Maramba of Binga Primary School in Binga, Zimbabwe.

At the core of Ruzivo is the desire to impact, transform and enhance the education and academic results of millions of learners in Zimbabwe. Many teachers expressed how their children’s knowledge and academic results are being positively improving. “By their venturing into Ruzivo they are knowing more things that we even as teachers have not taught them,” stated Mr Kawina of Mupambe Primary School Binga, Zimbabwe.

The education conditions in rural Zimbabwe challenge teachers to develop and grow as educators. With Ruzivo Smart learning, teachers are being empowered to evolve their skills and go beyond the limitations of their surroundings. Through Ruzivo, teachers in Zimbabwe now have the opportunity to reinvent themselves and become educators in the 21st century, who can educate students to be successful in a complex, interconnected world.

Through its rich digital content aligned to the Zimbabwean curricula, Ruzivo is allowing teachers in remote parts of Zimbabwe to peg themselves against school teachers in the the urban areas. “Ruzivo is allowing us teachers to compete with the rest of Zimbabwe as we are knowing more about ICT,” expressed Mrs Benda Nyoni of Senondo Primary in Gwanda.

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