Talent Development


Our Talent Development programme is delivered through a merit-based scholarship – the Joshua Nkomo Scholarship. The programme, now in its 10th year, focuses on identifying young African talent through a rigorous selection process and creating the opportunity for them to get the best and most relevant education at world-class local and overseas tertiary learning institutions.

The programme includes leadership training and mentorship through internships, community involvement and life-long engagement through an active alumni network. The Joshua Nkomo scholarships are offered to the best students in the final 2 to 3 years of high school, and top university and college students in their first and straight Masters degrees.

Our Talent Development programme currently offers merit scholarships to gifted students in several African countries, including Zimbabwe, Burundi, Lesotho, Rwanda and Ghana, with hundreds of students studying at local and overseas Ivy League colleges and universities.

Other than scholarship support, Talent Development also offers professional trainings through Mentorships, Workshops, Talent Tracking and Development and various Community Engagements. In 2015 alone, Higherlife Foundation Joshualites visited 70 institutions (High Schools, Secondary Schools, Primary Schools, Orphanages, Old Peoples’ Homes and Clean-Up Campaigns).

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