Using Information To Empower Future Generations – Part 4 (Rufaro’s Story)

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After Rufaro’s conversation with Tari, he is awarded the Joshua Nkomo scholarship and becomes a Higherlife foundation Joshualite. On completing his O-levels he applies to attend the Yale Young African Scholar’s programme and to his excitement, he gets accepted. Rufaro writes to his mother while away attending the YYAS program:

Dear Mama,

How are you? I’m having the time of my life. I know you were very anxious about me travelling on my own, but this YYAS program is proving to be a wonderful opportunity. Because of my ambitions to study my first degree in the U.S.A, I really needed this program. I’ve learned so much here and I feel so empowered to continue my studies at a global level.

The people here in Kigali, Rwanda are wonderful. I have been connecting and networking with future African influencers and leaders. The YYAS program enables us as participants to receive mentorship from U.S.A undergraduate students. This mentorship includes university applications to the U.S.A, SAT preparations as well as workshops that engage us on how to apply to U.S.A universities.

We’ve also had academically enriching seminars on issues affecting and challenging the African continent. As this program comes to an end, I’m sad to say goodbye to all the new friends I’ve met here. We have a talent show this weekend where we all get to showcase our talents to one another. I think I’m going to read out some of my poetry, what do you think Mama? Can’t wait to hear from you.

Love you lots, your son,


To be continued

Through the YYAS program, Rufaro hopes to network with young Africans who plan to study abroad and change the world. Do you know of any young students older than fourteen years old who have excellent academic records and have demonstrated leadership potential? If so, have you informed them of the YYAS program? Give an African scholar the opportunity to pursue an education abroad and network with other gifted scholars from all over the African continent.


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