Using Information To Empower Future Generations – Part 6 (Tariro and Rufaro’s Story)

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We fast forward one last time to the two characters; Rufaro and Tariro.

Rufaro, now aged 32, works as the Head of Finance for a big bank in Zimbabwe. Whilst Tariro, aged 30, owns and runs two successful hair salons in Harare.

They have both remained in touch with each other through Higherlife Foundation’s mentorship program. They both received mentorship through the Higherlife Foundation Mentorship app, which connected them with their mentors and other young adults as well. The program includes leadership training and mentorship through internships, community involvement and lifelong engagement through an alumni network.

Through the online platform, Young & Dynamic, Rufaro and Tariro plug in on Saturday afternoons and listen in to guest speakers tackling topics that promise to challenge, inform and build up all listeners. The platform is open to young people from all over the continent and also includes prayer and spiritual uplifting. Each week, a new guest speaker is chosen to lead the discussion and members are encouraged to ask questions and participate online.

Higherlife Foundation’s vision is to provide a platform for people to fulfil their God-given purpose and through the Young & Dynamic platform, it creates a long-life network of educated African youth and gives them the opportunity to hear testimonials from the Foundation’s members as well as inspirational talks from professionals of all spectrums.

The Young & Dynamic platform develops informed and socially responsible young leaders through regular discussions and idea sharing, empowering them to make lasting connections and develop solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues. To be a part of the Young and Dynamic, tune into the sessions on Saturdays using this link:


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