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Gandavaroyi Clinic Handover

19th December 2014 by admin

On the 10th of December 2014 National Healthcare Trust Zimbabwe (NHTZ) held a Handover ceremony of the newly refurbishedGandavaroyiClinic in Gokwe North, Zimbabwe. A total of 250 community members came to celebrate this event with excitement to witness the handover of this clinic that will help improve, save lives, as well as save costs such as transport costs to Read more…

National Healthcare Trust Zimbabwe Partners to Perform a 6 Day Dental Safari

17th December 2014 by admin

The Indhlovu Clinic in Victoria Falls hosted a Dental Safari on the 29th December 2014, through the National Healthcare Trust Zimbabwe (NHTZ) partnering with Imvelo Safaris, Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC) and Spanish surgeons to provide oral and dental healthcare to marginalized communities of Matabeleland North. Read more…

NHTZ engages health personnel on a diabetes awareness workshop

14th December 2014 by admin

On the 1st December 2014, National Healthcare Trust Zimbabwe (NHTZ) conducted a diabetes lobby and advocacy workshop at Harare hospital. The aim for conducting the workshop was to raise awareness on diabetes and disseminate information to medical personnel on accessibility, affordability and availability issues surrounding diabetes. Read more…