“Building resilient and empowered
communities through community-based
emergency response adaptation.”

Disaster Relief and Preparedness

Our work in Disaster Relief and Preparedness focuses on working in at risk communities to provide Disaster Risk Reduction training. The communities include schools, churches and other members of society deemed critical to achieving resilience.

Leadership and Lifelong development

One of Africa’s greatest needs is strong and principled leadership. Many of the challenges our continent faces today stem from a lack of effective leadership. Solving these challenges calls for new ways of thinking and new kinds of leaders. To that end, Higherlife Foundation’s leadership, mentoring and lifelong development programs aim to build leaders – at all stages of life – who are prepared to drive positive change in their families, communities, and nations.

S.T.A.R Leadership Philosophy

Across all our programs, we embed a leadership philosophy centered on four principles:

• Servant Leadership  • Tenacity  • Accountability
• Responsibility

This values-based approach to leadership development supports our aspiration to cultivate a cohort of African servant-leaders who are well positioned to assume responsibility for and make a lasting impact on their communities and nations.

Our programs target rising leaders at every stage of life, from primary school to adulthood.