Ruzivo Gives Students more!

The Ruzivo Smart Learning Platform offers students a diverse range of subjects, with comprehensive interactive exercises tailor made to enhance their learning…


YYAS 2017 Edition Is Finally Here

YYAS program kick starts on 29 July 2017 in Ghana, then Rwanda & finally Zimbabwe bringing together Africa’s dynamic minds…


Innovate Elevate Youth Conference 2017!

Is a two-day, life changing conference from 20-22 July that will inform, empower and inspire Africa’s youths to transform Africa…

We use education for social impact

We are a philanthropic organisation committed to investing in children’s future through education. We offer scholarships to orphaned and vulnerable children and extend local and international merit-based scholarships to highly gifted students.


Our Devotion

Higherlife foundation is committed to investing in children’s future through education because education is essential to a child’s development.

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Our Work

Our work focuses on the three key areas of Providing Access to education, Improving Quality of education and Providing Lifelong Development.

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Our Leadership

Great leaders set out to make a difference. Our leadership is committed to changing the world through education.

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Ruzivo Digital Learning is an online interactive digital learning platform targeted at primary and secondary students in Zimbabwe. All of its content is aligned to the Zimbabwean curriculum.


The Ruzivo platform is available online and can be accessed on any device with internet capability, anytime, anywhere


The Ruzivo platform is interactive and aims to ensure that students are more motivated, engaged and independent


The Ruzivo platform automatically generates reports for parents, guardians to track the performance of their child

We use technology to scale up our work

We have been creating empowerment opportunities for thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children in Africa through education and material support. We support the beneficiaries of our education programmes with Guardianship and Pastoral Care and harness Technology to scale up our work.

Quality of Education

We support educational outcomes (learner
performance & educator support)
in disadvantaged schools

Access Ruzivo

Lifelong Engagement

We facilitate continuous personal &
professional development of secondary
and tertiary students, OVC and
HLF alumni.

Lifelong Development

Access to Education

We create learning opportunities for
Orphaned & Vulnerable Children & other
disadvantaged students


Latest Updates

We are an operating and grant-making Foundation that embeds our staff in the communities we serve. We implement over 80% of our programmes on the field. Read our news section for more.

Ruzivo Smart Learning bringing 21st Century learning to Rural Zimbabwe

July 13, 2017
We are living in an era where learning is not only about being able to read, write and count but

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2017 Yale Young African Scholars (YYAS) Program Kicks Off

June 28, 2017
On 29th July, the Yale Young African Scholars (YYAS) program kicks off its series of three sessions in Accra, Ghana;

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Ruzivo Smart Learning reinventing teaching in Zimbabwe – A teachers perspective

June 27, 2017
With the evolution of Ruzivo Smart learning a one of a kind e-learning platform for primary and secondary students in

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