We are an Africa-based social impact organisation committed to investing in the future of children through Education. The Foundation is working to scale its impact across Africa by raising 2 million African scholars by 2020. We primarily target orphans and vulnerable children, as well as students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and focuses its work in education on the three key areas of Improving Quality of education, Providing Lifelong Development and Providing Access to education,.

Quality of Education

We support learner performance through Online learning support, Learning communities and Educator support.

Learning Support

We focus on providing additional resources to supplement in-school teaching through Ruzivo Smart Learning, an online learning platform where learners and educators can access high quality curriculum aligned content and exercises.

The Learning Communities

The programme leverages technology to connect peers in ways that improve the quality of learning. Through Learning Hubs, online platforms and social media forums the programme links educators to other educators and students to their peers to build a different learning environment.

Educator Support

We train teachers in ICT skills through our learning hubs to ensure they fully utilize Ruzivo Smart learning in educating students. Access Ruzivo Now

Students are joining the Ruzivo Online Smart Learning Platform every week

Lifelong Development

We are deeply committed to the all-round development and support of young people. In addition to financial support, we also facilitate continuous personal and professional development through multiple mentorship programmes.

Online Mentorship

The programme aims to develop knowledge and life-skills among a range of young people through formal and informal engagement opportunities. Leveraging technology, we are rolling out mentorship support to African youth across the continent.

Guardianship & Pastoral Care

We support the growth and all-round development of orphans and vulnerable children, and offer guardianship to encourage responsible leadership. We provide empowerment training programmes, mentorship and other forms of psychosocial support through a network of field staff and volunteers.

Children have been supported by the provision of access to education

Access to Education

We provide access to education and create learning opportunities through Scholarships, Learning resources & University preparation.


We aim to enable entry into school, or allow continuation of education for orphans and vulnerable children who face significant barriers to access education through two main scholarship programmes; the Capernaum Scholarship, for orphaned and vulnerable children & the Joshua Nkomo Scholarship, for the highly talented students.

Teaching & Learning Resources

The program provides alternative learning opportunities where access to conventional forms of education is restricted. This can take the form of Learning Hubs and/or online learning platforms to reach children in disadvantaged communities.

University Preparation

We offer support to disadvantaged and talented secondary school students across the continent to enter tertiary education.