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One of our Capernaum Scholarship alumni, Allen Chafa has been shortlisted for the 2023 Africa prize for Innovation. Allen has developed a real-time water quality monitoring and control system known as the Smart Water Tech designed to address poor water quality, which results in the spread of water-borne diseases. He is among 15 Africans who were short-listed for the competition.

Allen Chafa, an industrial engineer who is using his skills to better his community

Smart Water Tech applies sensors to municipal water treatment at three stages.

In the first stage, water is tested before and during pretreatment flocculation. In this process, a chemical coagulant is added to the water to separate specific particles and determine the required additives.

The water is tested again at the filtration stage and a final time before the water is loaded into tanks for delivery to the community.

Read more about the competition here.

Through the Capernaum scholarship, we support vulnerable and orphaned children (who we then call History Makers) in Zimbabwe with access to education at top learning institutions that allow them to achieve their career goals.

We wish Allen the best in the competition!


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