Where are they now: A letter from Samantha Dzangare- HLF Fellow

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My name is Samantha Dzangare a Higherlife Foundation fellow from Bulawayo and this is my story…


I attended my Primary School at Sigola primary a small village in Umzingwane district. My life changed in 2010 when Higherlife Foundation teams visited my school for a prize-giving ceremony and brought me a few presents for having done well in my exams. One thing l took from that visit were the words “Samantha you will go far”. At the time I was still very young and so I  did not really understand what that statement meant and so l asked my grandmother and she told me to always remember the words in whatever I do. In 2011 I wrote my grade 7 exams and came out with 8units but at the time Carpenaum Trust only took students with 6units and below to boarding schools. However God does amazing things, Higherlife Foundation fought that I attend a boarding school and by the grace of God l managed to attend Wanezi High School. During one other visit to the school in 2013 the Higherlife Foundation team told me the same words “Samantha you will go far”.

In 2014, I was one of the Carpenaum scholars who got the privilege to go study at the United World College (Waterford Kamhlaba)  in Swaziland. Upon receiving the news of the great news the words “You will go far” began to deeply sink in. Getting the chance to go study outside the country was something l had never imagined myself experiencing.


Today I am doing my first year at Luther College in the US. As I sit down and reflect on where l come from, the challenges I have managed to overcome I firmly believe studying in the US is not just my destination, I believe it is just part of my journey to the “far” place I am meant to be.

I write this in gratitude for the faith Higherlife Foundation had in me and their great support and advice.  My life story is nothing without their words “you will go far”. So truly honestly I say Siyabonga, Ndiinotenda, Thank you and may God continue using the Foundation to help young people recognize their worth and pushing them to aim higher. 


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