Higherlife Scholar beats the odds to reach his full potential

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He beat the odds!

Determination, hard work, and focus led Edgar Mufambi, a Higherlife Foundation scholar who beat the odds to be where he is today. He did not take being blind as a hindrance to his success. 

This is Edgar’s story…

Edgar had a goal to study law, but he lost his parents at an early age due to unforeseen circumstances. A few years later, he lost his eyesight and coming from a less privileged family, he could not afford to stay in a boarding school for the blind. It is at this juncture, Edgar encountered Higherlife Foundation- a turning point in his life.

Edgar’s story embodies the struggles and odds that orphaned children overcome to get an education to build thriving careers for themselves and their communities. Through the Capernaum Scholarship, Higherlife Foundation has created a platform for these young people to fulfill their God-given purpose through scholarships, mentorship, and other tools that have seen many like Edgar become history makers and servant leaders in different spheres, breaking the cycle of poverty.


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