The year 2016 marks a milestone year in the history of Higherlife Foundation. Across all countries of operation, the Higherlife Foundation family celebrates 20 years of impacting lives.

Where Everything Started

In 1990 Mr. Strive Masiyiwa, ran a construction business and began losing staff to HIV/Aids and was led to fend for the staff’s orphaned children. Faced with such challenges, Mrs. Tsitsi Masiyiwa, his wife, realized that for her to really understand the plight of orphaned children, she needed to spend time, “going where they were”, “eating what they ate”, “sleeping where they slept” and “listening to their stories”; It is this effort invested into knowing orphaned children through visiting a children’s home in Gokwe – Zimbabwe, that sparked the work Higherlife Foundation is doing today.

During her stay at this children’s home she discovered that most of the children in children’s home were abandoned in their infancy, had never received visitors in their life at the home, had the bare minimum for a meal and rarely had meat with their meals. They had no time to play and spent most of their time performing household chores and agricultural tasks. Many of these children also struggled with finding school fees and of those who went to school, they struggled to match the academic performance of children that came from two parent families. This experience brought to life Higherlife Foundation.


Transforming Mindsets

The year 2016 marks a milestone year in the history of Higherlife Foundation. Across all countries of operation, the Higherlife Foundation family celebrates 20 years of impacting lives.


Founded in 1996 out of the personal convictions and heartfelt compassion of the patrons Mr. and Mrs. Masiyiwa, as well as their personal experiences of orphan hood, Higherlife Foundation operated as Capernaum Trust, offering primary, secondary and University scholarships to orphaned and vulnerable children. Once a child became a Capernaum Scholarship beneficiary they stopped being called orphans and were affectionately known as History Makers. This new name was intended to help in transforming their mindset to become young responsible leaders with a global mindset. We are proud to say that we are seeing this unfold in the children today, 20 years later.

Founded on Christian values and beliefs Higherlife Foundation entrenched a culture of prayer and a strong conviction that everything is possible through GOD in all its beneficiaries. This transformation of peoples’ Spirit, Body and Soul using the Word of God is important to the Foundation and is at the core of its operations.

This spiritual work was largely carried out by another trust founded by Mr. and Mrs. Masiyiwa in 2007 to support the church in promoting the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ. In 2008 Higherlife Foundation ventured into health and crisis relief through launching the National Health Care Trust following growing concerns about the state of Zimbabwe’s healthcare delivery system and the emergence of a health crisis worsened by an unprecedented cholera epidemic. That same year 200 scholarships were awarded to junior doctors in the University of Zimbabwe Medical School to help beef up manpower which was desperately needed to improve Zimbabwe’s health situation.

Through years of successfully running the Capernaum Scholarship the Trust realized that there were also talented and gifted children, not orphaned or vulnerable, who were failing to reach their full potential due to lack of funding. This realization gave birth to the Joshua Nkomo Scholarship fund for the talented and gifted in 2005. The first group of scholarships were awarded in 2006.

Key Milestones

In the following years lives were touched and communities were changed. However, this was not enough. In response to a rising HIV/Aids prevalence in Lesotho and growing civil unrest in Burundi Higherlife Foundation crossed Zimbabwean boarders and spread its footprint to Lesotho and Burundi in 2010. In the period 2010 – 2014 the Foundation experienced exponential growth in these 3 countries and beyond and milestones to note include:

A $6.4 million investment was made to sponsor 40 international scholarships at Morehouse and Spelmen College in Atlanta, Georgia.

Launch of an international scholarship fund to give 30 scholarships every year to academically gifted children to Waterford Kamhlaba in Swaziland to position them for the prestigious Fulbright Scholarships in USA.

The launch of +50 learning hubs in partnership with rural and urban schools, equipped with state of the art computers and furniture, to-date.

The birth of the Ruzivo learning platform, which is an online learning platform, which seeks to improve access to quality education through online technologies.

The launch of a Technology hub and idea incubation center called Muzinda Hub.

Partnership with Econet Wireless to distribute vaccines in rural areas of Zimbabwe through The Energize The Chain initiative.

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