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Higherlife Foundation Alumni receive prestigious Rhodes Scholarship- Zimbabwe 2019

Higherlife Foundation is delighted to have two of its Joshua Nkomo Scholarship alumni- Itai Muzhingi and Shantel Marekera as recipients of the 2019 Zimbabwe Rhodes Scholarship. The Rhodes Scholarship is an international postgraduate award for exceptional students to study at the University of Oxford. Founded in 1902 by English businessman and politician Cecil John Rhodes, ...
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Higherlife Foundation launches Delta Philanthropies Doctoral Research and Fellowship Program

Harare 28 November 2018– Higherlife Foundation is excited to announce the launch of the Delta Philanthropies Doctoral Research and Fellowship Program that will provide opportunities for promoting research and innovation in areas of strategic significance and stimulation to the economy of Zimbabwe currently and in future. The Programme which was launched at the Midlands State ...
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Africa's Big Philanthropy: Home-Grown

Africa’s Big Philanthropy: Home-Grown

by in Blog. Posted November 2, 2018
The last two decades in Africa have seen a rise in Home-grown philanthropy particularly aimed at addressing specific issues and creating impact at a more structural level. ‘The growth of Home-grown philanthropy in Africa has its roots in a number of phenomena, one of them being the 2008 financial crisis which resulted in long-standing foreign ...
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Project Hope- an Album of hope and healing

Higherlife Foundation partners with B’tzal’el Impact Investment Fund to launch Project Hope- an Album of hope and healing

Harare, 2018– Higherlife Foundation and its partner B’tzal’el Impact Investment Fund have released a music album entitled ‘Project Hope’ that shares a message of hope, peace and reconciliation. The album which was inspired by the beauty of Zimbabwe- its people, landscape and ingenuity- as well as the 1998 Guatemala Prophecy by Cindy Jacobs which spoke ...
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