STAR Leadership Academy alumni record 100 percent pass rate

We proudly announce that students who graduated from the STAR Leadership Academy Class of 2021 recorded impressive grades in their Cambridge Advanced Level examinations.The results, released earlier this week, indicate a 100 % pass rate, with most candidates attaining above-average returns. Among the 29 students, there were record-breaking results summarising the outstanding collective performance. Andrew ...
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Empowering Girls: Breaking Barriers, Cultivating Leaders, and Shaping Tomorrow’s World

The global community continues to fall short in empowering and uplifting girls worldwide. Research shows that at the current pace, efforts to eradicate child marriages may take an estimated 300 years before bringing the intended result. However, this period can be shortened significantly if there is decisive action between now and 2030. If we do ...
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Feeding bodies and minds

It is lunchtime at Simba Education, a preparatory school in Domboshava, a sprouting peri-urban rural settlement about 35 kilometres north of Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare. Children are standing in a queue near the school’s kitchen, waiting their turn to be served. They are jovial and bubbly, hundreds of conversations and songs are happening at the same ...
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A school with soul

Domboshava was originally known for the granite hills and spectacular formations surrounding it. Now, it is also known as an area with cheaper land, and a cheaper life but close enough to the capital Harare, that you can commute to work. As the population has grown, the infrastructure for what was once an informal town ...
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