Meet Dr Cheneso a Capernaum Fellow

This is Dr Cheneso Mildred Pondo. She received the Capernaum Scholarship in 2011. Her father had passed away in 1996, and her mother was sick, battling eye problems and could not find a job in her condition. Dr Cheneso passed her O-Level with flying colours, 9As and 1 B, and attained 2As and 1 B in her A-Level before proceeding to the University of Zimbabwe, where she completed her degree in Medicine and Surgery (MBChB).

She’s currently working at the Harare Hospital as an intern in the Maternity Ward. What her mother endured motivated her to venture into the medical profession. She wanted to be able to make people happy, bringing positivity and making them feel better. The same thing she wished for her mother during her trials with ill health.

Dr. Cheneso is now considering doing a Master’s Degree. She is still thinking between Ophthalmology or Paediatrics; the Ophthalmology option is inspired by the same eye challenges her mother battled and eventually overcame. She is among the thousands of beneficiaries of Higherlife Foundation’s education support. Stories like hers encourage us to continue working hard to bring hope to young people and positively impact their lives.