Mounting “A STAR” Response

For many schools, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a quintessential adaptive and transformative challenge.  There is no preconfigured playbook on how to respond, and there has been a great need to leverage technology and remain nimble.

Within a week of the closure of the STAR Leadership Academy following national lockdown measures, an online remote learning program was instituted to ensure that the Academy’s brilliant students continued with their intensive leadership program while at home. Students were all assigned tablet devices and given a weekly allocation of airtime for them to access the internet for learning. Students have been registered and trained on the use of Google Classroom and continue to learn from their homes.

Illustrative online learning session

With traditional recruitment tactics out of the window, the Academy quickly harnessed the power of social media and other online tools to communicate, engage, inform and recruit its STAR leaders for 2021.

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